rhein9 said: you can make it 100 and i will learn them haha spiders really dont worry i’m not afraid of them :) horror movies i’m scared of them but if you hug me we can watch it and i love your voice :) :$


ugh they are creepy like why do you have 8 legs !! and the eyes ugh and the way they just creeping with things came out of thier butts they are just weird and some of them can kill you with one bite ! ugh i hate them ! ok i will hug you really horror movies are perfect ! :) aww i will protect you ! i love your everything 

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rhein9 ugh damn you spider i hatethem swrmn
  1. rhein9 said: haha i’m rolling on the floor why do they have 8 legs haha omg you looked spiders butt haha gurl omg haha i can’t stop laughing. if we gonna cuddle we can watch horror movies and well i love everything about you too :$
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